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ndl management group is present in multiple locations in Germany (Frankfurt/Munich/Dresden) and the UK (London/Oxford). We are working with a range of clients globally including the US, UK, Europe, and Africa.

Our three key areas of expertise are (1) the development of distributed generation solar and hydropower projects, (2) sustainable residential and commercial building developments and (3) strategic sustainability and ESG consultancy.

ndl management group was founded by the former CEO of AEE renewables, a leading European solar project development firm. With experience that dates back to one of the first solar farms in Europe in 1990 (see references) and the development of a thin film solar panel manufacturing facility, our experience allows us to truly comprehend and implement project risk management. With the experience of our management out of more than 200 megawatts of completed renewable energy transactions, representing over $500 million in invested capital, ndl is a recognised leader in sustainable energy project development.

your sustainability goals developed and implemented

together for your sustainability and net-zero goals

At ndl, we are supporting our clients to develop and achieve their sustainability goals by combining a science-based - with a hands-on approach.

Our clients benefit from our passionate team that has a substantial track-record in renewable energy project development, sustainability consultancy and academia. With our expertise, we focus on the specific operational needs and requirements of our clients from different industries and understand the key challenges of our time. Net-zero is not just a motto for us, but it is the key driver of our work to address the climate emergency and the social challenges holistically together with our partners and for future generations.

Our consultancy approach has 5 key goals: (1) reduce the environmental impacts of a business including CO2 emissions and strive towards net-zero, (2) optimise the use of resources, (3) generate a positive societal impact of the business, (4) promote a positive working environment, (5) reduce/mitigate business risks and save costs.

Our 7-step approach to achieve these goals with and for our clients:

1. Developing Vision, Mission & Values
2. Assessment of the status & comprehensive data collection
3. Identifying key impact areas & target setting
4. Developing KPIs & implementation strategy
5. Project implementation to achieve targets
6. Monitoring & Evaluation
7. Brand communication & marketing

Our expertise ranges from planning and implementing energy-positive buildings, retrofitting of existing building infrastructure, energy consultancy (commercial and residential), ESG- and sustainability advisory, climate science, clean energy project development and SDG analysis.

If you would like to learn how we can support you please get in touch for a free consultation.

renewable energy development
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our building bricks for sustainable businesses:

Environmental impact assessment

CO2E accounting
Clean energy solutions
Waste reduction
Energy assessment & savings potential
Responsible use of resources

Dedicated expert support

Branding & Marketing

Become sector leaders

Supplier engagement & evaluation

Responsible sourcing
High quality
Local partners


Cost savings

Staff engagement

Stakeholder mapping
Everyone on board
Behavioural approach
Staff retention
Staff training

Social impact assessment


local market knowledge
with global reach

the ndl difference

What is the ndl difference? First, it’s our experience. In a marketplace characterized by rapid growth, change, and new entrants, genuine experience within renewable energy development and a wider array of projects including solar, hydro and sustainable housing is in surprisingly short supply. With over 25 years of renewable energy development and consultancy experience, our management team has a well-established track record and a global reputation for delivering viable, successful projects and results.

Secondly, our experience allows us to foster innovation in each of our projects, without reinventing the wheel. No cookie cutter development model here but a holistic hands-on approach. Whether it’s a custom financial structure, a sustainability strategy, a plus-energy building or battery back up power. If it can add value, we will consider it as a solution for our clients.

Thirdly, our solutions are data-driven and include the latest science. Technologies and processes are constantly changing, and we are up-to date in terms of technological advancements and trends. Our experts have a substantial professional and academic track-record from top Universities in the UK and Germany including the University of Oxford and the Technical University of Munich. This informs our projects and approaches and helps our projects and clients to be top of their class.

our skills and experience
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management team

we believe in teamwork

Jürgen Döring

As the Founder of NDL, Juergen heads the NDL Management operations globally and manages the clean energy division based on his extensive experience in renewable energy development. Jürgen is also one of the co-founders of AEE renewables Group and has been CEO since 1994. As a pioneer of green energy project development, he has been actively involved in the development and completion of over 200MW of solar projects, hydropower projects, a solar module factory, Germany’s first green hydrogen power plant and the design and implementation of a plus energy factory building. Jürgen is also the founder of rd electronic GmbH, today a global leader in automotive electronics and measurement systems. Jürgen studied Electronics at the Technical University of Munich and Business Administration at the University of Hagen, Germany. Based on his practical experience, Juergen is finding the most feasible and efficient solutions for our clients through a no-nonsense approach.

Dr. Susann Stritzke
Chief Group Coordinator & Head of Sustainability

Susann heads ndl’s UK operations and coordinates the wider ndl business development activities in Europe. Susann has also been managing ndl's clean energy engagements in Zambia and South Africa. She is is an Honorary Research Associate at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at the University of Oxford following her long-term engagement at the University as a Research Associate in renewable energy where was focused on studying the sustainability of renewable energy solutions, infrastructure financing initiatives and energy policy. In addition to that, Susann has gained substantial scientific experience as a Senior Research Associate in Green/Carbon Finance and Sustainability at Loughborough University. She supported international clients as International Account Manager for Technology at a global corporation and had the scientific lead for the development of global sustainability standards for the hospitality sector. Susann holds a PhD and a Masters Degree in Political Science, Psychology and Law from the Technical University Dresden which has been complemented by studies at the New School University in New York. With a passion and a track record for sustainable development and green energy projects, Susann makes sure that sustainable solutions are delivered through a holistic approach based on the operational requirements of each client and by strictly excluding any greenwashing.

our holistic approach
supported by science

our expert advisors

we believe in science

Prof. Dr. Netta Weinstein
Behavioural & Motivational Scientific Senior Advisor

Prof. Dr. Netta Weinstein supports ndl as a Senior Advisor for behavioural approaches to ensure the successful implementation of ESG measures for our clients. By focusing on staff buy-in, motivation and compliance as key pillars of any sustainability strategy, Netta supports our clients to achieve their ESG targets and increase staff retention. Netta received her PhD in Motivational Science from the University of Rochester, NY and now serves as professor of psychology at the University of Reading, UK. Over the past fifteen years, she’s worked extensively on building human motivation and behaviour change models. Her work on sustainability has focused on getting buy-in – building interest and engagement – in relation to sustainable behaviours. Her award-winning research has resulted over 100 published papers in the area of human motivation. She has furthermore worked with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Common Cause and Global Action Plan values-based non-profit organisations, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and other organisations to apply psychology models to promoting sustainable behaviour change.

Dr. Sarah McGill
Editorial Scientific Advisor

Dr Sarah McGill supports ndl by providing editorial expertise in drafting and editing sustainability reports and publications of ndl clients to the highest standards. She is also providing expert advice on sustainable waste management and natural resources. Sarah holds a DPhil and MPhil in Geography from the University of Oxford and a BA in East Asian Languages and Cultures from Columbia University. She also holds a Certificate in Compost Facility Management from the Atlantic Technical University Sligo. Sarah currently works as a Research Contracts Specialist at the University of Oxford as well as a freelance academic and non-fiction editor. She also holds directorships in the waste management sector. Sarah has substantial academic research experience from the School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford, where she worked on a range of projects and publications including the economic governance of natural resource scarcity, sustainable investing by institutional investors, and the future of work and social protection frameworks.

extensive development experience
builds lasting client relationships


development, financing & project management

projects up and running

Plus-Energy Model Factory

Zwickau | 2017-2019 | Germany

Up and running.

Sevor Farm - 20MWp

Swindon | 2014 | UK

Up and running.

Reydon Farm - 4.8MWp

Reydon | 2014 | UK

Up and running.

Jordanston Farm - 4.6MWp

Pembroke | 2013 | UK

Up and running.

Halse Farm - 5.7MWp

Devon | 2013 | UK

Up and running.

Owls Lodge Farm - 10.9MWp

Hempshire | 2012 | UK

Up and running.

Causilgey - 5MWp

Cornwall | 2012 | UK

Up and running.

Higher Tregarne - 4.9MWp

Cornwall | 2012 | UK

Up and running.

Ayshfort Court Farm - 5MWp

Devon | 2012 | UK

Up and running.

South Marston Farm - 5MWp

Swindon | 2011 | UK

Up and running.

Beechgrove Farm - 4MWp

Devon | 2011 | UK

Up and running.

Lake Farm - 5MWp

Witshire | 2011 | UK

Up and running.

Kingston Farm - 5MWp

Wiltshire | 2011 | UK

Up and running.

Roves Farm - 100kWp - 5MWp

Swindon | 2011 | UK

Up and running.

Senftenberg I - 18.9MWp

Senftenberg | 2010 | Germany

Up and running.

Mumuni Singani

Singani | 2009 | Zambia

Installation of two small-scale solar pv stations at two schools in Singani, Zambia in cooperation with SolarAid UK

Up and running.

Sonnendeck I - 193kWp

Senftenberg | 2009 | Germany

Up and running.


Senftenberg | 2007/2008 | Germany

Project management and financing for the devlopment of a thin film solar panel manufacturing plant. The factory is able to produce up to 500.000 panels per year.

Jena II, Hydro Power – 500kW

Jena Rasenmuehlenwehr | Germany | 2000

Hydro power station, 2 Kaplan turbines, CO2 Reduction 2009 ca. 1,342

Up and running.

Jena I, Hydro Power – 500kW

Jena Paradieswehr | Germany | 2000

Hydro power station, 2 Kaplan turbines, CO2 Reduction 2009 ca. 1,346 t

Up and running.

Decommissioned projects

Neunburg - 1.5MWp

Neunburg vorm Wald | 1990 - 1999 | Germany

Decommissioned project for a combined solar-hydrogen technology test-installation.

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